Blind Tasting Sheet - PDF Download

by Nose Your Bourbon

Have you ever tried tasting multiple bourbons "blind" (where you don't know which glass contains which bourbon), and struggled to come away with a ranking order? That's exactly why I designed this blind tasting sheet. By giving a 1-10 score to the categories of Aroma, Taste, Finish, and a 1-5 score to the categories of Complexity, Balance, Mouthfeel, and Uniqueness, you'll come away with a clear ranking order of the bourbon you've tasted. You can also write your guess for which bourbon is which, and capture notes for each section (caramel, toasted oak, dried cherry, peanut, etc). Tasting "blind" removes all preconceived notions about brands, price points, and what SHOULD taste best, and instead focuses on your personal preference for how something tastes, regardless of brand, price, or rarity. Having trouble detecting nuances in the bourbon you're tasting? Check out my Bourbon Nosing Kits that help train your nose to detect the nuances in what you're tasting. This tasting sheet will be delivered as a PDF download.

Customer Reviews

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Easy download! Great format! Cannot wait to use it! Thank you!


Perfect for my husband's bourbon tasting party he's planning for his birthday :)


Held a fancy bourbon night and needed a quick tasting sheet -- this was perfect! Had it downloaded, printed and ready to go in minutes.

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