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“I bought this as a Christmas present for my dad and I have never seen him so happy! Thank you for the amazing gift!” - Kaylee

 Opening Bourbon Nosing Kit Gift

“Great beginners nosing kit, much better than the others I’ve seen for hundreds of dollars! Thank you for putting together such a nice nosing kit for an affordable price.” - Julie

“Amazing, a must-have for the bourbon and whiskey enthusiast. A well curated variety of classic scents for picking up nosing notes.” - Tommy

“Best whiskey gift ever. I’ve been wanting something like this for a while now and this was just too perfect to pass up. I bought 2 and gave one to my friend and he loved it. This is so useful in everyday drinking or tastings. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get more familiar with the smells of whiskey.” - Steven

“This nosing kit is everything promised. Simple, yet extremely useful at a fraction of the price of other kits. The tips for using the kit really helped this life long bourbon drinker learn more about distinguishing the nuances of my favorite drink. Lots of fun to use.” - Brian

“I got this for my father who is a die hard bourbon fanatic, and he LOVED it!! Great company, wonderful products, incredible ideas, and beyond fast and responsive shipping and delivery. I am very pleased with this purchase and have no doubt I will be supporting this company again.” - Charlotte

We gave this as a gift to my Father-in-law! He is soooo excited to start using it! He thought it was an awesome gift idea!” - Martha

“This kit seems awesome! I haven’t sat down with a glass of bourbon yet to try it perfectly but I opened all the containers and I could already detect the smells I have been familiar with in bourbons but weren’t sure what they were, until now. The seller is fantastic too! I don’t know him personally but this was recommended by multiple people in a FB group and he responded to my post to answer any questions. Item shipped out right away. Highly recommend!” - Julie

“I messaged Chris and asked if he could hold shipping this item for me for a week due to our family going on vacation. He was very quick to respond, and he was so nice! The item arrived soon after we came back from vacation, and now I have the most perfect gift to give my husband for our anniversary. I highly recommend this shop!” - Krista

“Item was PERFECT! Gave it to my husband as an anniversary gift. He is already obsessed with it! We do “bourbon tasting nights” at our house with friends and we are so excited to start using the kit with everyone! Chris was thoughtful enough to email me once the package was delivered so that the pdf didn’t get to my husband before the gift did! Love this idea and will be sharing with friends! 🥃” - Becky