Q. How does the kit work? 
A. Sensory scientists have proven that over 80% of what we taste, comes from what we smell, and by simply nosing (smelling) the ingredients in the kit while nosing your bourbon, the aromas that are present will be amplified in the glass, making them easier to detect. Every kit also includes a detailed instruction sheet that will walk you through the nosing and tasting process. 

Q. How long do the ingredients last?
A. As long as the containers are well sealed after use and stored at room temperature, the ingredients will stay aromatic for ~12 months. If the aromas start to fade, most elements can easily be replaced from the spice cabinet or grocery store. 

Q. I'm a distillery, liquor store, or online retailer and would like to carry your products. Do you offer wholesale pricing?
A. Yes I do! Please contact us for more information. 

Q. What do the different colored labels represent?
A. The 5 categories of aromas found in a bourbon tasting wheel;
Sweet (Blue), Spice) (Red), Wood (Tan), Fruit (Green), and Grain (Yellow). 

Q. Why is my honey container empty? 
A. When pre-filled, the honey tends to leak during transit, so I've included a honey stick in the case that you can fill the honey container with. 

Q. Do you ship outside of the US? 
A. Unfortunately, due to the real-ingredient nature of my kits, they are not allowed through Customs at this time.